Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tina and Ms. Sophie

I always do my pictures backwards. I meant for the group pictures to be on the top, but I guess I'll learn eventually. Anyway Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Crafty Gina

Gina is so good with the kids. Once again they all crowd around her to have some fun making Chinese Lanterns.

More Pictures

Happy CNY

We went to our first Chinese New Year Party. What a blast! To see all the kids together and having so much fun was great. All the little girls in their Chinese outfits were just adorable. Caleb had a great time running in his walker. There was so much room for him to go he didn't know where to go first. Life is such a blessing, I hope that we get to enjoy Raeleigh's first new year with her next year.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Camo & Max

My Mother bought Caleb his Camo suit. Blake isn't really a hunter, but what man doesn't want his little boy to wear something camo. Max is also in a few pictures. He is our Westie who only gets jealous at bedtime. I have never had a dog who loves to lay in the bed as much as him. He would stay there all day long if we would let him. He is really good with Caleb. He stays right there with us where ever we are in the house.

Cheese Puffs

We have discovered Cheese Puffs. Caleb Loves them. He will talk and laugh up a storm when we give them to him. The pictures say it all. I can break them in pieces and it wouldn't be so messy, but he has so much fun with the whole one.