Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Darby like I said is a tomboy and does not like the camera as well. She would rather be playing with Caleb than having her picture taken.


Kennedy is my picture girl. She would let me take as many pictures as I wanted to of her. I love to take pictures of them. I just wish I had more time and more practice at doing it.

Fall 08 Kennedy & Darby

Kennedy and Darby do much better with pictures, even though they fight the whole time and Darby keeps grabbing her checks like she has smiled too much. They are a laugh a minuete. These were the best ones of them together. I always forget the lighting that they need and I take more bad ones than good ones.


Caleb is getting harder and harder to get a picture of. My gosh it's like trying to hit a moving target. We went to the river to take some pictures because the weather was nice and the trees are just beautiful this time of year. Maybe he will learn to cooperate with me by this time next year.


This was everyone dressed up this year. Darby being the tomboy she is had to be a football player. Kennedy was actually a Grandma with a baby at school, but changed to the witch costume when she got home. Jesse was I don't know, but Caleb was scared to death of him to begin with. My mother made Caleb's Costume and I am really proud of her and the attention that she gives it. She really put her all into it.


I'm a little behind on posting my Halloween Pictures. Caleb dressed up like a pirate this year. With him still wearing the patch we have to tell him he's a pirate all the time. So it just came natural. Even though he had already wore his patch for the day. He had a great time and got lots of candy. The one by the Christmas Tree is an annual picture. One of my friends has to have her tree up by Halloween so we always have to make a picture.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Toddler Dedication

We wanted to wait until Caleb had our last name before we had Baby Dedication. So his ended up being Toddler Dedication. We just knew he would be running all over the Church trying to get to the Nursery. The longest he's made it in big Church is just past the announcements. He did really well with it even though his bottom lip was quivering just a tad. We were so proud of him and the fact he has our last name!!!