Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Adoption Gang

We had our monthly get together last Thursday night. I always have so much fun at these things. I love getting to see everyone. They have all become such good freinds. Emma was the hit of the party! Lisa I don't know if you keep up with our blogs. I'm sure you don't have much time on your hands with four kids and all. Anyway she was precious. It just makes me want this next year to fly by. Tina I hope you hear some good news this week. It is past time. I'm putting your gift in the mail tomorrow. I still can't beleive I forgot it. I'm having a hard time getting my pictures to load so I'll just have to post with out one.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Long Week

Hey Everyone just wanted to give a little update with Caleb. Last Monday Blake carried Caleb for his visitation with the dad and he tried to carry him home with him! DHR had to take temporary custody of Caleb so he couldn't. We had to have an emergency hearing Wednesday. The judge ordered DHR to have legal custody and us to have physical custody until April. The dad has until then to prove he can be a good parent(as if). You have no idea how frustrated we are right now. Just knowing that there is a good chance that it could happen makes me sick to my stomach. All we can do is PRAY that he does something BAD between now and then. Please keep us in your prayers. Caleb does not need to be subjected to his madness! Thank Goodness we will not have to worry about this with Raeleigh. I hate talking about bad things. Tina you are going to have to hurry up and get your TA's so I can talk about something good!! Gina maybe we'll hear about our LID's soon. There was someone in the October Group with the same DTC as mine who's LID was October 27th. So that would be three weeks from DTC to LID.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


We finally got our e-mail last Thursday saying we were DTC October 6. So excited are we. Now we just have to wait for our LID date. I think the process will not be as stressful now we have passed this hurdle. Having my China Adoption Friends really helps a lot. I love being able to have close friends who are in the same boat as me. It makes this journey so much fun and a heck of a lot easier. Several are much further in the process than I. You know who I mean, and are going to be able to give a lot of helpful advice. I can't wait to see our first Adoption Meeting when we all have our beautiful and handsome China Children.

P.S. My Rug Looks Great in Caleb's Room. Blake said it's his favorite part of the room!!