Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween More Pictures

Happy Halloween 2

We had alot of fun trick or treating with family tonight. Dr. Caleb was wore out by the time we made it home. He got lots of treats that will have him on a sugar high for weeks. My Mother made all the costumes except for the Nerd and Tinkerbell. She always has a good time making all their costumes!! Blake made a good Joe Dirt. It was really my Sisters Husbands costume and I bet he really fit the part. Kennedy was a Glamour Witch (Thirteen going on Thirty). Darbs was a nerd, but the cutest one I've ever seen. Mother of course was the pirate,and Blakes Grandmother was the Clown. We had a very busy night, and I can honestly say I'm glad it only comes once a year!! And can you beleive our good friend Heather already has her Christmas Tree up! We miss not getting to see Gan Gann on Halloween. It's her favorite time of year. Maybe next year she'll come see us.