Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Pictures

These were some of my favorites.

End of Summer

Yes it its offically the end of summer as we know it. Although it is just now reaching the 100 degree mark, we are back in school. My sister Kim and I did make a last minute trip to the beach last weekend. We left Thursday and come back Sunday for me to be at work at 7:30 Monday morning. And boy was it a long week. We had so much fun on our Beach trips. Caleb loved the sand and the ocean. I think he only ate two hands of sand. But he chewed it very well. On our second trip he got to eat his first Ice Cream Cone and LOVED it. All of my favorite pictures will not post on rock you because of file size so I will but them on the regular way. I have really enjoyed my Summer Of Caleb and truthfully I am not ready for it to be over. But we need the insurance so it's off to work we go!! I hope everyone has a Wonderful and Blessed Year!!