Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter

These are some more pictures of Easter with Kennedy and Darby. The kid hanging upside down is my nephew Jesse. Tim loves to make him mad.

Valentine's Day

These are couple of pictures from Valentine's Day. Another holiday he LOVES because of the CANDY!!! He doesn't eat a whole lot but he does have a sweet tooth!

Happy Easter

It has been soo long since I have posted. I'm going to try to add some more pictures later tonight or tomorrow I am so far behind. I still have Valentines Pictures to add.

Easter is such a busy fun day. Caleb had to have a little help with the egg hunt, but he was pretty good at it. We got way to much candy and will be on a sugar high for a while.

We had a Court Hearing last Wednesday with Caleb. The Appeal came back and it had been particaly reversed on the visitation part. The Hearing was to set regular visitations. The Dad did not show up, so that is Wonderful News. Just a few steps more and we can give Caleb a new name. So still keep us in your Prayers.