Saturday, January 27, 2007


Caleb's cousin Kennedy bought him this cute little t-shirt. He says thank-you Kennedy, he thinks it makes him look like a cool kid in it. It just fits him now. We had a good week. Caleb's cold is finally getting better. He doesn't have to have his nose wipped every 2 seconds now. He is getting so big so fast. He'll be going to college next week I think.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Pics

I could not get all of the pictures on my first post so I added another. Tina please do not let me not get a picture of you and Sophie next time I see you!

We Missed You Kim!

We had a China get together Saturday at Tina and Bert's House. THANK YOU for having all of there to welcome Sophie home. She looks and acts so happy. All of the kids played so good together. And of course I think they are the cutest girls around. I can not wait for all of the play dates and watching them have a great time. We really missed our friend Kim who was at home sick. I hope you are feeeling better soon!! Gina was being the great teacher I know she is and helping Sophie learn a new trick. Roberta surprised us all again with the news they will be getting two boys when they travel in April or May. Wow! How wonderful. Robin the girls are just as beautiful as ever. And Lisa, Emma is the sweetest little girl. I LOVE spending time with all of you. Tracey I hope you hear from your LID date soon. Everyone have a great week and I hope to see you all soon!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's the Weekend!!

Our brown envelope come in the mail today. I know it is still forever before we get to go to China, but it does make it feel a little closer. We have been looking at China Blogs all week at work. I think they like looking at all the babies as much as I do. Weekends are our favorite time right now. That is until summer gets here. Caleb had his first teething biscuit tonight. As you can see he liked it. He ate most of it and Max finished it off for him. He has two bottom teeth and three top teeth that are just now coming in. Needless to say he has been letting us know how much it hurts. We are venturing out more. Last weekend we went to Darby's Basketball game, and Kennedy's this weekend. He loves watching other kids play. Next weekend we get to see Sophie and the Pink Drangonette's. Can't wait to see everyone!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back Into The Groove

The first week of January is already gone. We have our count down to the end of school up and going. 94 working days! I hope they fly by like the first half of the school year. Caleb is doing well and we hope to have full custody of him in the next few months. Having him with us will surely make time go by faster. I just hope that the wait stays shorter than 2 years. I can not imagine having to wait that long. Time will only tell. Hope everyone has a great week! I am gong to try to at least post once a week. That is one of my New Year's Resolutions, we will see how long it lasts. We passed a Church Sign today that said " May Your Troubles Last As Long As Your New Year's Resolutions" I thought it was cute.