Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas 2

The first pictures are of Christmas Morning before Caleb woke up. He felt so bad he didn't even open all of his presents until the day after Christmas. Next were at Blake's Grandmother's house with her and Blake's Mother and her Husband Bobby. And the last ones are of Christmas with my family and Kennedy and Darby. You can tell in the pictures of Caleb how bad he felt. Two major Holidays this year resulted in fevers. First Easter and then Christmas!! Maybe next year will be a better season for him.

Merry Christimas!!

Christmas was very BLESSED this year with Caleb still with us. Hopefully at the first of the year we can start the adoption process with him. Although Caleb started running a fever between 101 and 103 on Christmas Eve and ended with a doctors appt. the day after Christmas. He is back to his normal WILD self now except he still doesn't have his appetite back. And he didn't have a good one to start with. Unless it's junk food. I try so hard to get him to eat good for you food. But Max ends up with it all compliments of Caleb. I hope everyone had a great Holiday and I really miss all of our China Buddies. Maybe the New Year will bring us all closer to our little ones!!